Welcome to PokePointers!

Welcome to the beginning of my Pokemon TCG rantings, everyone.

Hello everyone! My name is Chris (or Chrissy) and I go by Asmer on PokeBeach and as a nickname. For all intended purposes, however, I will go by Asmer on here (even though the link clearly says “Asmeria”. I could be a girl if you want me to, though. ;D ). I am an avid player of the Pokemon Trading Card Game (PTCG for those who do not know) and therefore, my blogs will (mostly) be about the game itself, from the Meta to different strategies to how I feel to fun ideas that I may have. I will attempt to post consistently as well, but there is no promise of that as of right now due to multiple reasons and I hope that changes in the future. That said, if you like the Pokemon TCG, enjoy the ideas and concepts of another, and love reading rants, this is the blog for you!

To give a little more information about myself, I am a Californian Native and I typically play on the Online version of the Pokemon TCG (PTCGO). I’m still working my way through College (fun stuff) and I decided to use my spare time to write about something that has been a major part of my life. I’ve been playing this card game since 1999 and had my first major accomplishment in 2002ish (the exact year escapes me), winning Booster Packs at the Westminister Regionals (top 32ing from what I’ve been told). Since then… I haven’t done a whole lot, sadly. I switched to Yugioh the next year (I had been playing it already, but I decided to fully commit at this point) and played that forever, joining Team Il Weed on Pojo late 2008/early 2009 and earning a Deck Tech on Konami’s main website (I have no idea if it’s still there, but for any of you who may remember the Doom Dozer Bug Deck from 2010…that was me. Yeah. I did that.). In 2013, I decide to come back in to the game, playing in the Long Beach Regionals, which in retrospect was a bad Tournament for me, but turned out to be okay after I was able to help a woman by the name of Melissa Duncan cheer up with a skillfully placed match concession (Hint: There was no way I was going to beat VirGen, but I still made her feel better. Long story on that one. Love you Melly). I believe her sister ended up Top 8ing that tournament (Lorelei), either that or her name was actually Lorelei and my memory isn’t doing me any justice. She did mention she had a sister, though, so eh. I’ll either figure it out or I won’t (this is what happens when you become older, kids).

Now, introductions aside for a moment, I would like to continue by talking a little bit about the set we are going in to as of the date this was published. Right now, Pokemon TCG just received the first Expansion Set of Sun and Moon, which is looking to change the metagame quite a bit. I feel like we are going to see a whole lot of decks based around a few cards, which I will list in a blog later. But, what’s important here is that we should be moving away from a format of massive scaling to a more subtle format of build-up (unless Primarina GX has anything to say about that), which is a very nice change of pace IMO (I suppose I should warn you that I will slip in to Internet Slang every once and a while). If things do continue to look that way, I think we will be able to see even more variety protrude from the darkness that is the Casual Mind, which is fun to watch considering how silly some decks are at times. I personally can’t wait to annoy people with Palossand. I’ll probably post that deck later. Probably.

One thing I hope to not see in future sets is the return of Item Locking. Seismitoad EX was a bad idea the first time. I would really appreciate it if The Pokemon Company inc. (TPCi) didn’t do that again. Supporter Locking is fine with me. I loved the living heck out of Exeggutor PLF. I wouldn’t mind seeing something like that again. Also, I really, REALLY, really hope they give us a good Basic Grass Pokemon. Right now, we have Virizion AOR and to a much, much lesser extent, Trevenant EX and while I love the Tree, it’s still really average as a card and I personally feel Shiinotic needs more targets. Still, only time will tell what TPCi does for us.

Either way, since this is only the introduction as to what this blog is about, I will wrap this up here. There will be more content coming soon, so I hope you guys are ready for a lot of fun topics and random discussions! Until then, take care and keep the High Tide on the Flipside!



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