Being Really Annoying – Shiinotic/Decidueye GX Fun Deck

Hello everyone. I’m going to flat out state that the reason things have been going slower is because, quite frankly…

I’ve been lazy.

I’ve been playing a lot of video games and that’s not acceptable. So, in order to cheer up those of you who enjoy reading my content, I have decided to bring something a bit more fun than usual. I’m going to jump in to it instead of giving any spoilers, so here’s the list:

Pokemon – 18
4 Morelull SM
3 Shiinotic SM
3 Rowlet SM
3 Dartrix SM
3 Decidueye GX
2 Shaymin EX

Supporter/Item/Stadium – 33
4 Professor Sycamore
3 N
2 Lysandre
1 Professor Kukui
1 Delinquent

4 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
4 Trainers’ Mail
2 Float Stone
2 Exp. Share
1 Revitalizer
1 Professor’s Letter

4 Forest of Giant Plants

Energy – 9
2 Double Colorless Energy
7 Grass Energy

This is exactly as you think it is. Confusing.
So, the way this deck works is a “solid” combination of utilizing Decidueye GX as a Support Pokemon for your main Attacker, Shiinotic. Yeah, I said that correctly. Shiinotic is the big star of this deck, being able to not only do 30 damage, but automatically sleep your Opponent’s Pokemon. Sadly, 30 damage is a very small amount, which is why we also play Decidueye GX. With his ability, he is able to add an additional 20 Damage to your Shiinotic’s assault, making it seem like you’re actually progressing. This is exactly what we want, especially while our Opponent is trying to figure out what the hell we’ll actually doing.

So, let’s number crunch a bit:
Shiinotic does 30 Damage by himself. For every Decidueye GX, he will do an extra 20 damage. At most, we will have 3 Decidueye GX out and potentially a Professor Kukui play. So, at maximum…

20 x 4 (3 Owl + 1 Buff Professor-Sama) = 80 + 30 = 110

If things go well and you waste a VS Seeker, you can actually 2HKO Mega Pokemon, which is hilarious considering their only true way out is based off of either a Coin Flip or wasting actual resources (assuming they run things like Switch/Escape Rope/Olympia etc.). If not, then you still hit for 180 in 2 Turns, which isn’t bad at all if you think about it. If anything, that’s really good and you can actually put Decidueye GX’s extra damage on your Opponent’s Benched Pokemon as well, making for some impressively annoying situations.

So, that all said, why would we run Shiinotic besides for the fun of it? Well, as silly of an idea as it is, it can actually work out pretty well. If you remember, Shiinotic can search for a Grass Pokemon every single turn via its Ability, which makes this combo consistent. Also, Sleep can lead to KOs that are impossible otherwise and while relying on RNG is never a smart thing to do, the fact that Shiinotic consistently puts your Opponent in that situation makes it acceptable at a minimum. Finally, assuming your Opponent isn’t running anything Top Tier, you have the opportunity to set up Decidueye GX as an Attacker as well, which is quite a nice option all things considered. His GX Attack brings quite a bit of versatility as well and should not be underestimated.

I feel like the only real standouts Tech-wise in this deck would be Delinquent and Exp. Share. Delinquent has to be the Second Best Supporter in the game (behind Lysandre of course). This Format is more about Stadiums than last Format (if that’s even possible), with Forest of Giant Plants gaining power and things like Parallel City/Silent Lab/Rough Seas still being great choices. Being able to set up with Forest of Giant Plants, then playing Delinquent on your First Turn is also straight up mean, especially in Mirror Matches where they may not draw in to their own FoGP. Exp. Share is in here because Shiinotic has the unfortunate “I need 2 Energy Attachments to attack!” Syndrome. It also helps Decidueye GX a bit, meaning you’re only a Double Colorless Energy away from attacking.

Now, what does this deck lose to? Besides “a lot”, this deck 100% loses to GarboLock. There’s just no real answer to it if it comes out early enough. Yveltal EX also poses a major threat to the deck considering it has massive HP with Fighting Fury Belt and can scale extremely quickly. Essentially, anything that can hit for 100 or more extremely quickly shuts this deck down, but then again, we aren’t worried about winning anything Major with this. Our true victories come from our Opponents tilting their heads, cursing, and wondering why you’re playing something like this when you could be playing Lurantis/Garbodor instead. After all, who needs a Grass Pokemon like that when you can play things like Shiinotic as an Attacker, instead? 8D

Either way, thank you for reading this. I figured it would be a fun little thing to put out here while I get myself together to write something a bit more serious (It’ll be based around Anaheim’s results). I’ll see you guys on Monday most likely and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

This is Asmer and have a good laugh. Also, always keep the High Tide on the Flipside! Peace, ya’ll.

…P.S. VileLock is overrated. There. I said it here. <3



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