I’m Back – My Hiatus and What’s In Store

Oh look. This loser’s back again.


Hello everyone. I realize that I haven’t been posting content. Unfortunately, I’ve been going through some “issues” that I wish to not get in to right now, but long story less long, I’m feeling much, much better. You all know what that means…


Wait, no, wrong…

It’s time for me to start posting articles again! Yay!

…not as exciting as par-tay time. Sorry guys.

So, back on topic, with Guardians Rising coming on the Rising Horizon, I plan on doing a lot of different decks, things that really call out to me from more of an “interesting” perspective than a competitive perspective. I’m almost 100% certain I’m going to keep the current format I have, tagging things under “competitive” etc. to allow people to quickly search through it all. Also, I’m considering looking in to talking about Expanded, but I’m not 100% if I will because, quite frankly, I don’t play the Format. At all. At all at all.

So, this is just a brief notice that I’m back. I’ll probably end up putting an article out today because I’m feeling really good, but we’ll see. Until then, enjoy the content that’s currently here and, of course…

Keep the High Tide on the Flipside!

Let’s go.



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