Changing Cynthia As Mascot Girl!? Update on PokePointers!

So… originally, I was going to write this as an April Fools joke. Then, I actually started considering it and now, I may actually do it.

I know you’re all so terribly saddened by this.

In all honesty, I’m not 100% sure on the decision yet, but if I do, It’ll be because another Poke-Waifu has simply caught my attention more (the more I type, the more I sound like a weaboo, I swear…). ¬†Well, I suppose I could choose ANY Waifu at this point, but… well, that wouldn’t be in theme and that would make things awkward and…

…why am I talking about this?

Moving on to the ACTUAL news of this article, I maaaaay be moving soon. The reason I say “maaaaay” is because we are not sure of the time frame or if it’s truly going to happen, but if it does, I will be moving to Oregon. I’ll give more details once it actually happens, but I must say that the prospect excites me quite a bit. I will still be writing, of course, so that isn’t going to change. I’ll just be writing from a different location. Luckily, Oregon has a good Pokemon community as well, so I won’t be missing a whole lot when it comes to the competitive scene. That excites me even more so.

So, now to talk about my next article. If it doesn’t come out later today, it will tomorrow. It’ll be a… shocking article, I assure you all.

*Insert Kitty Face Here*

Besides that, things will continue to look up as we move forward. I am personally incredibly excited for Guardians Rising and I hope to do a deck on each of the four Tapu Pokemon because, quite frankly, I’m a giant nerd in that fashion.

I’m sure you’ve all figured that one out.

Regardless, keep up the great Pokemon-ing and always remember to keep the High Tide on the Flipside!

Peace, my Pokemoners.



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