Update: New Articles and New Best Girl!?

Hello everyone.

So, I’ve been busy. Persona 5 has just come out and I’ve literally done very little except play it and I must say that it has to be my favorite game of all time. I won’t go in to any details (because I hate spoilers, too), but just know… the game is amazing.

Besides that, it looks like I should be moving to Oregon in the near future. Things look like they’re going to pan out and if that is the case, I will probably disappear… again. This is nothing new for most of you, but I figured I would let everyone know, anyway. You’re all welcome.

Now, to more important matters. Quite frankly, I’m bored of Standard. Again. This happens every once and a while and when it does, I typically turn towards other things (Persona 5) to keep my interest. That said, I want to keep writing as well, so I decided that I will start a compendium of sorts for my favorite format on PTCGO:


I used to be a massive player of Themed on PTCGO. I’m less so now, but I used to do nothing but play the format for quite a long time. I think it’s because it’s incredibly simplified in comparison to anything else and you don’t have to spend your time with the “lovely individuals” who like to scam– I MEAN trade on PTCGO. It’s relatively structured for a format as well, considering Tempo and RNG play such a high role (more so than any other format, in my honest opinion). Still, all that said, I’ve always found it enjoyable and it has always been a nice way to escape from some of the more frustrating times I’ve had on PTCGO as a whole, so I figured I may as well share some of that knowledge with all of you as well. That said, I will still be writing Standard Articles. I know many of you enjoy them and I’m not going to take that away from you guys. After all, that would ruin the point of giving people new insight and quite frankly, would be a really silly idea, regardless.

Finally, to the most important topic… I may have gone and found me one of dem fancy Animoo Waifus that are all the rage. I really like Ann (Anne, whatever) from Persona 5, not because of her looks (though, I will say, I have a thing for blondes… for pretty obvious reasons that I’ll let you guys figure out), but because she’s this really derpy sweetheart who has a lot of passion. It reminds me of a special someone I know who will drop whatever she’s doing to read my articles and will then tell me how amazing they are. She knows who I’m talking about.

But yes. Ann is going to be the new “cover girl” for the page. Sorry Cynthia. Sorry fans too, I guess.


Anyway, that’s all I have for now as far as this update goes. Prepare for some information on Themed, more Standard will come as well, especially with Guardians Rising coming out, and I hope you all enjoy! Remember to kick back, save up some money/packs if you play PTCGO, and always…

Keep the High Tide on the Flipside!

…I seriously love that saying. It makes no sense, but boy is it catchy to say.

Peace, my Pokefreaks.



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