Update: Guardians Rising and My Internet

Hello everyone! So, first off, I’m sure you notice that things have been slow again. That is because my internet has been absolutely terrible and, for some reason, I can no longer access PTCGO! This makes things incredibly difficult when it comes to testing decks and so…

I have no idea what I’m going to do.

Regardless, that means that decks are going to come out slower until I can get this problem resolved. Please be patient and thank you all for the support!

Besides that, Guardians Rising is coming out soon and I’m hoping to get things underway. We’ll see where that goes. At the moment… I’m trying to keep my hopes up, but things haven’t been looking too good when it comes to this whole situation. That said, I can always post theoretical articles and let you guys test it for me. Wouldn’t be a bad idea and it isn’t like I’m incapable of such things.

Regardless, I hope everyone enjoys their day and I’ll do my best to continue with this little shindig of mine as much as I can. So, until then, take care and always keep the High Tide on the Flipside!




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